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NOTE: These pages are no longer being maintained, so any off-site links within them may no longer work. However they still contain interesting information.

Auction (Maureen Shaw) [2015] Auction of 70 items which used to belong to Maureen Shaw (An ex-boat lady who many people remember from her years of living next to Wardle Lock and making sure that boaters didn’t misuse “her” lock).

Breach near Dutton Hollow [2012-13] Report on the progress of repairs to this major breach.

Other News [2013-2015] News (NOT about the Cheshire Locks or Mileposts) that was deemed worth recording at the time. Items that may still be of interest include:

2013 Unveiling of Maureen Shaw’s Interpretation Panel
2014 Open Day at Lock 74 (Middlewich)
2014 3 Wardle Lock Working Parties
2015 New monthly work party launched on Burslem Arm