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Most recent updates to website

July 22nd: Brief report added for Cheshire Locks News – 2022 (July). August 8th: Full report and photos added

July 16th: New photographs added for 4 mileposts (67/25, 66/26, 64,28 and 63/29). S66PB26 Chellshill Aqueduct looks like it could do with a good clean!

July 10th: Previous (May-June) edition added to Grand Trunk Magazine page.

July 5th: Sadly, Gordon Diprose died Monday July 4th. He was a very long-standing member, who was heavily involved in our campaign to restore Anderton Boat Lift. His funeral will be  at 11am on Thursday July 28th at Vale Royal Crematorium.

July 2nd: Diary of Events updated with details of events in August and September.

June 20th: Report and photos added for Cheshire Locks News – 2022 (June).

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