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This page contains details of the most recent changes to this website, and any urgent news about the society.

Most recent updates to website

October 22nd – See Diary of Events for details of our CHRISTMAS MEAL on 3rd December (including the MENU).

October 13th – Thanks to Steph Johnson, we now have photos at last of mileposts S11PB81 Willington and S12PB80 Bridges 24A-25  Also recent photos of other mileposts and plaques (10/82, 13/79, 40/52 and 42/50) were added.

October 9th  – The Diary of Events has been updated with final details of our October 21st Cheshire Locks work party

September 29th – We have a photo at last of milepost S15PB77 Stretton  which shows that somebody has repainted it showing the WRONG distance to Shardlow! Also recent photos of 7 other mileposts (45/47, 44/48, 42/50, 40/52, 36/56, 18/74 and 17/75) added.

September 26th – See Cheshire Locks News – 2021 (September) for details and photos of our September visit. Also the  Diary of Events has been updated with details of our October work party and January events.

September 22nd – A busy day! Firstly, September-October Grand Trunk issued to members, and the previous (July-August) issue added to our Grand Trunk Magazine page. Also, a new section of our website Our Early Days has been added, (although there is only a single article in it so far). Finally we have a photo at last of milepost S20PB72 Barton Turn and also a recent photo of milepost S21PB71 Bridges 39-40

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