Our Early Days

This is a new section of our website where we plan to look back at the early days of our society. As we were founded in 1974 we have taken “early days” to mean “the first 25 years” or “pre-Millennium”.

We already have a large section about Mileposts  so we won’t repeat any information about them here, merely point you in particular to the page about our Milepost Campaign which ran from 1977 to 1985.

Our first new sub-section is about Cranes and is by Steve Bates.

Our next contribution is about our Founding by Steve Guest.

Hopefully we will, in time, be able to add more sections about the Harecastle Tunnel campaign and the Anderton Lift campaign. Do contact us if you can help with these or any other memories of our early days.

We may even mention our original award-winning website (although that is strictly just too recent being created just after the Millennium) which, sadly, was destroyed sometime after 2005.