S-1PB93 Derwent Mouth

Milepost 1½ / 93½  is at Derwent Mouth Lock

Junction with River Trent Milepost Index S00PB92 Shardlow

This is an extra milepost added by the Trent and Mersey Canal Society in 1985. The original mileposts started at Shardlow (1 ½ miles from the junction with the River Trent). 

Mould set-up for this Milepost Mould Head with distances of 1½ and 93½

This milepost is an exception to the rule that the numbers on the mileposts always add up to 92. Unless of course you consider that this post is actually 1½ miles beyond Shardlow. This would make the Shardlow distance really -1½ and the maths works again (with -1½ and 93½ adding up, as usual, to 92).

This milepost  and the unusually large plaque were donated and erected by Pat and Jeff Clinton, and the 3 branches of the East Midland Region of the IWA. It was unveiled on Sunday 20th January 1985 by Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire.

Here it is in 2021 (photos © Steph Johnson)

Post and Plaque Post seen across the lock

A 2022 visit showed how badly the Plaque needed repainting.

Post in 2022 (© Roger Evans) Plaque in need of repaint (© Roger Evans)

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