S23PB69 Alrewas

Milepost 23 / 69 is at Alrewas

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Spot the difference between these 2 pictures of the milepost (and it isn’t the weather).

A Winter scene from 2006 A Spring scene from 2009

Did you notice that the post appears to have shrunk! [We seem to recall that the post had been disturbed and there was worry locally that it would be stolen by metal thieves, so it had been concreted in (rather further into the ground than usual!) – Can anybody confirm?] Here are 2 more pictures of it after it shrank.

October 2008 with concrete marks and fresh earth March 2009 – The maker’s plate nearly underground

Here is an even earlier scene of  the post at full-heightand here it is in 2021 (photo © Ray & Sue Hasmall)

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