S25PB67 Fradley Junction

Milepost 25 / 67 is at Fradley Junction

S24PB68 Common Lock Milepost Index S26PB66 Wood End Lock

This is a replacement post, shown here being unveiled on 16th May 1980.

Plaque above Milepost when new and in 2020

There is also another milepost plaque at Fradley, which is about Milepost 28/64 near bridge 55 (described on the plaque as “East of Handsacre”). Unfortunately both the replacement milepost and the plaque were vandalised. The milepost was repaired, but a new plaque was made and placed here instead of by the milepost.

Plaque about Milepost 28/64 when new and in 2020

Here are photos of the Fradley Junction milepost with its Plaque + a 3rd Plaque nearby about a Fingerpost we part sponsored.

Milepost (and Plaque above) in 2020 Third Plaque about Fingerpost

Fradley from the Coventry Canal

Pub and Shop Shop with Milepost and all 3 Plaques

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