S31PB61 Ash Tree Inn

Milepost 31/ 61  is near Bridge 62 by the Ash Tree Inn

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This is a replacement milepost, sponsored by Ash Tree Boat Club, and unveiled by Connie Markham (Commodore of the Ash Tree Boat Club) on Sunday 21st September 1980.

From the Ash Tree Boat Club Archives, here is a photo of the unveiling. In the photograph are ATBC Chairman George Seward, Roger Lee (TMCS chairman) and ATBC Commodore Connie Markham. In the early years of the society (and ATBC for that matter) many Ash Tree members were very involved with the society, four of whom served on the committee.Photo © Ash Tree Boat Club archives, courtesy Anthony Wattis

Cheque hand-over Speech by TMCS chairman Roger Lee

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