S36PB56 Colwich

Milepost 36 / 56 is near Colwich

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This is a replacement milepost, so you may wonder why it is being extracted in this photo. The reason is that it was being repositioned further back on the towpath, as the waterway’s contractors kept hitting it with their sit-on mower’s cutting arms! (photo © Steven Bates)

By 2020 the post was so far back in the vegetation that it was difficult to reach. By wading into the undergrowth and wiping away dead  leaves and a covering of mud it was just possible to photograph the plaque. 

Hiding in the undergrowth Plaque

On our return trip the following week we decided to try and clear a route so that people could see the milepost and the plaque easily.

Still hiding in undergrowth After we cleared the undergrowth
Milepost fully visible Makers Plate and Plaque
Head Plaque

Looking back as we left. Milepost fully visible again!

By 2021 the post was still fully visible, but by 2002 it was disappearing back into the undergrowth.

2021 post visible (© Steph Johnson) 2022 Post hiding again

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