S64PB28 Church Locks

Milepost 64 / 28  is by Church Locks

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This is a replacement milepost. Here is a picture from many years ago when it had been defaced by arrows indicating the direction to Shardlow and Preston Brook. All our mileposts have Shardlow on the left, regardless of which side of the canal the towpath is located.

(Photo © Waterway Images)

This milepost is barely visible (by the wall between the 2 pairs of locks) in this photograph of all 4 Church Locks in 2014. Only the towpath-side locks were usable then as the offside top lock had been declared unsafe around 40 years earlier, and the offside lower lock was closed many years later “as the turn was too difficult to/from the working upper lock”. Sadly (in July 2020) this is still the situation (despite waterway recvery group having done some work to stabilise the upper lock in 2010), although we would dearly love to see the non-working locks repaired and put back into use.

In 2014 we decided to repaint the post as it was looking very sorry for itself (even though the arrows had long been removed.

Here it is before we startedFirst we rubbed it down and repainted it all in a very zinc-rich grey primerThen we painted the plates White(including the lettering)Next it was the turn of the black bits
and finally we tidied up the edges and removed the “wet paint” sign

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