S48PB44 Lime Kiln Lock

Milepost 48 / 44  is by Lime Kiln Lock, Stone

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This is a replacement milepost unveiled by the Earl of Shrewsbury in 1982. 

The colour photograph below seems to feature the same people, but the clothes have changed, so presumably it was taken later . [Was it a few days later or several years –  Anybody know?]

These 2017 photographs (© Roger Evans) show it sporting a rather strange colour scheme with the lettering white (instead of being picked-out in black), and the bottom section of the post grey. [Possibly the post was part-way through being repainted, with the bottom still being in zinc primer and the lettering not yet picked out. Has anybody seen it more recently to confirm the current paint-scheme?]The plaque indicates that the sponsorship (unusually) came from abroad. The canal Society of New Jersey is a long-standing Life-member of our society.Here is a close-up of the strange colour-scheme below the maker’s plate.

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